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Void Dream

Or Eclipse is not enough clever? Outwardly, I did this by trying to move a toe, a single toe. This inward and outward struggle were connected, as the prayers gave me strength and encouragement to attempt the Herculean task of trying to move my body. It was truly difficult, as though I was encased in some kind of heavy liquid that pressed down on me. But when I succeeded, when I managed to move a toe, I would be temporarily freed from the waking nightmare. Suddenly, I would be in my ordinary dorm room, alone.

But it was like trying to stay awake on powerful sleeping medications: in a moment, I would go under again, and the struggle would recommence. I saw the entity clearly. It leaned over my bed, its face close to mine.

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  6. It looked vaguely human but twisted, elongated and distorted: not dissimilar from demons seen in film and art, from which perhaps my subconscious created the image. And it said my name.

    The Sleep of the Void

    That is what I remember the most, because it made the experience seem very personal. It no longer seemed like an abstract malevolent visitation that might occur to anyone. When it said my name — which, remember, I seemed to hear with my actual, physical ears — it appeared as though this was a distinct evil presence that knew my name, that differentiated me from other people in the world, and wanted me, personally. I managed to finally break free towards daylight. As before, I managed this with a slight movement of my toe, but this time I also managed to jump out of bed rather than stay supine.

    I immediately turned on all the lights, and did not go back to sleep until the next night. There have been other occurrences since then, but they are all too similar to the ones described above to be worth relating. I am not one of those unlucky souls that has to go through this very often.

    SPACE ODYSSEY - Deep White Noise For Focus, Power Naps or Sleep - Sounds Like Star Trek TNG Engine

    A couple of years can go by without an occurrence, though my dream life is very rich and strange and offers plenty of interest on its own. If I were to try and find a commonality between the circumstances in my life when these incidents occurred, I would note that they seem to happen mostly when I am extremely exhausted. If I am trying to go to sleep after several nights of little sleep and alcohol abuse — basically, partying — with a sickly body and a hazy, slow mind, I will start getting images as I approach unconsciousness, and I will feel in danger.

    Fortunately for my overall health, these nights are not as common as they have been in earlier days. Such an observation may or may not be of interest to science. Certainly it could point at some sort of casual explanation.

    The Sleep of the Void - No Man's Sky Wiki

    These are things that happened to me. They probably took place only in my brain. The same could be said, on a neurological level, of everything. So, they are incidents that have occurred in my life. I have fought demons; I am typing on this computer; both are things that have registered to my consciousness as objective events. It is common now to explain away some the myths and folklore of the past as incidents of sleep paralysis. Main Menu. Google Ads. Void of Sleep: Tales Between Reality and Madness Void of Sleep are a fairly new band out of Italy who play a mix of doom, stoner, sludge, and psychedelic rock, and their sophomore release is titled Tales Between Reality and Madness , a fitting name for an album that is multi-layered and really chock full of great ideas and stellar execution.

    Yes, there's no doubt in my mind that Void of Sleep honed their chops on plenty of early '70s Black Sabbath, but it's not all about that here, as the band also do a nice job of channeling Opeth and Mastodon at times, which gives the album plenty of balance and variety from track to track.

    Lots of cool psychedelic passages on this 8-minute gem, in addition to some absolutely crushing riffs. The dark "Mirror Soul Sickness" is all stoner grooves and Sabbath worship not that there's anything wrong with that , and closer "Sons of Nothing" is massive, sweaty, psych induced riff-o-rama for lovers of Down and Orange Goblin.

    It's always great to hear a band of this nature deliver tunes that are so catchy despite being deliciously heavy.

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    Tons of bombastic, heavy riffs, memorable songs, a great production, and vocals that are a mix of melodic clean, gruff mid-range, and choruses that remind of Testament.