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No matter, I remember only one such session but it remains with me as vivid today as over 70 years ago! No one did that except my mother, one day I fried up a mess myself and ate the whole head of cauliflower. And yes I was sorry for eating all that. Great memories! Jerry, lots of us are thinking of the zalabia, the syrup-dipped fritters—so delicious and traditional of Epiphany.

I bet your Sitto was quite a cook. Worth the messy kitchen!! This brought back such wonderful memories of me as a child baking with my Sittu!!!! Jody, how great! Please give your daughter my regards, and thanks so much for joining me here! Your name is very interesting—are both Namey and Atty Lebanese? My mother was mostly English and she made fried dough regularly. I thought it must be a farm country thing since my city cousins marveled at the idea when they came to visit. I think it was because they had never tasted hot bread of any kind right out of the oven and the sugar both granular and powdered tasted better on hot bread rather than just cold doughnuts from the store.

She would take dough and make rods of dough a length equaling the width of the pan. Put them in side by side to fill the pan, then allow it to rise and bake it as a normal loaf. It was great hot out of the oven with butter and jelly and somehow tasted better than regular loaves that had to be cut with a knife. Nothing like a good country visit to teach the city cousins how to eat!! Great story Roger, thank you. I want to make that pull apart bread, sounds really soft and good. Hi Cousin Jody!!!! So nice to see you here!!!

E-mail me, I will tell you what I know. Hi to Cousin Ferris! Maureen, you make me laugh so hard—I know you can hear me all the way from NM. My Sitto never made these delicious fried breads, nor did my Mother, so I have definitely missed out. But I hope to make these some day. I will get my niece Gabrielle, the real chef in the family, to help me. Peace and Love to you all! My gosh, I just love all of these family connections!!!! And what names: Jamileh, Gabrielle, beautiful.

I also love thinking of you laughing there in your house in NM, Diane. The thought made me laugh too!

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  • Un bébé au ranch (Harlequin Horizon) (French Edition)!

Jerry, my mother made cauliflower florets as you describe—we had it almost every Friday with fish—I LOVED the cauliflower, and none of my Lebanese aunts ever made it either—I never knew if it was Lebanese style or if my Mother just made it up. Thanks for the memories! Fried cauliflower is in all of my Lebanese cookbooks. Love you Dear Cousins Maureen and Jody!! Who would have ever thought we could talk with one another instantaneously on three different points of the lower 48, and have never even yet met!

And all about fried cauliflower! I have been making these all my love. They are my kids favorit as well as my lawn cleaner and every pastor we hae had. You must eat them at once though. Looking fords er to your Lenten meals. My Aunt Sara! How special to see you here!! Mom sends her love to you too. Looks like you hit the jackpot with this Lebanese Donut. We do it a lot for special occasions for the grandchildren. They love it. Fried bread was always such a treat when mom made syrian flat bread, the smell of the dough and warmth of the kitchen in the early morning, she would just flatten out the balls or stretch a bit not making them necessarily round and then put the hole in the middle.

One day while making these for my grandkids my husband asked me why I put the hole in the middle and I said…….

So what’s YOUR favorite coffee creamer and donut flavor combination??

We grew up breaking off small pieces and dipping them in jelly but have added shaking them in sugar or now cinnamon and sugar. That is beautiful Geri!! I love the idea of tearing off the bread and dipping in jam…must try it…thank you thank you for sharing. My grandmother would come to MA from CA and bake bread in high heels for three days. My sisters and I loved it. Many thanks for the trip down memory lane….

What a woman, baking bread in high heels!!!! For three days!! Thank you so very much for sharing this, Mary. A beautiful memory.

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My sitti makes a version of these! I work at the Arab American National Museum in Dearborn, and we are planning to do a food exhibit sometime in the near-ish future. Elizabeth, this is just great! Thanks for linking over from the fabulous site at The Kitchn. I would love to connect with you about your food exhibit in Dearborn—please let me know!

Both of my grandmothers were from Jdeidet Marjeyoun, Lebanon so made the same version of zalabia. Only they made theirs with a little sugar in the dough and anise seeds. Some of the doughnuts were shaken in a bag of sugar and some were glazed with a simple syrup of, not rose water, but orange blossom.

And these batches of zalabia were not made from left over dough or just around Easter but upon the slightest family request. We ate them all the time. And then the unthinkable happened. I love that version with anise and glazed, a bit different than the straight fried dough here. Thanks for writing, Matt! Hello Suzanne, and thank you for asking about zalabiya! I promise to publish that here at some point, so stay tuned! First of all, I love your website and look forward to the email notifications.

I have shared with my family members on our family Facebook page so that all can enjoy the wonderful memories and recipes. I enjoyed following this thread on fried dough and kept looking for — and finally saw — someone mention what fried dough meant in our family. Zalabia was always dough with anise seed. We ate them hot from the skillet, dipped in maple syrup.

Like Matt, we were lucky in that she would make them for us periodically for no reason and it was always a special day! My brother has carried on the tradition with his family, making them as a treat when one of his grown kids return for a visit. Carry on your great story telling and recipe sharing! Wow, what a wonderful comment—thank you so much for sharing, and for your kind words. And how special that you know the details of your clan in Lebanon. Zalabia with anise is a treat. Please keep in touch Karen! Thanks, Maureen cousin. My nephew Christopher Mikhayel has been fortunate to live as a musician in Beirut in recent years and, with the help of cousins who still live there, has been able to visit the villages where all four of our grandparents lived, and learn their histories from visiting churches and finding other records there.

I hope to visit some day. By the way, although a proud Ohioan and OSU grad, I think the state of Michigan is beautiful and abundant with good things not including the Spartans and Wolverines. Ours are differently shaped blobs, too… not exactly doughnut shaped, but definitely with holes. Dipped in sugar while hot. My Sitto made these every Christmas morning. The only difference is that she did her dough the night before, put it in a pot, wrapped a blanket around it and set it in front of the dying fireplace over night.

I would wake up to the smell of fried dough on Christmas morning and bypass all presents just to grab one right after it was dipped in sugar. I want my kids to know about their heritage but with my Sitto gone the only way I connect them to it is with food and the little bit of words I can remember from my childhood. Also, thank you for putting the pronunciation of some of the words in your other posts! The Zalabbee was made from the first batch. A more recent memory is a few short years ago I could easily get my grandsons to visit me with a promise of fried bread.

We did not put a hole in the middle. She just pinched off a piece of dough, stretched it and put it in the oil. Once they came out of the pan we buttered them and sprinkled powdered sugar. Do you want to cook dinner for your family? The fun and funny Vikki DiMattia has everything ready for you to be a success in the kitchen making "bell ringing" crunchy soft beef and cheese taco wraps, guacamole and homemade tortilla chips, street corn, a strawberry-lemon-lime drink, plus dulce de leche ice cream with Mexican chocolate topping.

Register for one, two, or all three of the classes in this 3-day series! Details Vikki DiMattia. Tue, Jul 16 10 am to 12 pm Register. Tue, Jul 16 6 to 9 pm Register. This class is offered again on July Wed, Jul 17 10 am to 1 pm Sold Out. The fun and funny Vikki DiMattia has everything ready for you to be a success in the kitchen making grilled hot dogs topped with quick chili, stovetop "crafty" mac-and-cheese, tomato-watermelon salad, plus banana split sundaes with homemade vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Wed, Jul 17 10 am to 12 pm Register. The buttercream frosting is already made and the six-inch one-layer French vanilla cakes are out of the oven and ready to decorate. This hands-on class will learn how to create a level cake, crumb coat and frost the cake, and finish with a smooth icing. Using a pastry bag and a variety of tips, learn to create dot and shell borders, polka dots, dot flowers, leaves, rosettes, and simple writing techniques.

Each student will take home their decorated cake. Details Ericka Frank. Wed, Jul 17 6 to pm Sold Out. The fun and funny Vikki DiMattia has everything ready for you to be a success in the kitchen making lasagna roll-ups with marinara sauce, tomato-cucumber salad with fresh basil dressing, cannoli cookies with orange zest, plus fresh berry-sparkling white grape juice spritzers. Thu, Jul 18 10 am to 12 pm Register.

Thu, Jul 18 6 to 9 pm Sold Out. This hands-on class will create garlic-mushroom queso fundido with fresh fried chips, charred peppers with feta dip, asparagus popover, cast iron steak with basil butter and tomatoes, honey-garlic skillet chicken with roasted potatoes, plus peach praline upside down cake. Details Dawn Meyer.

Thu, Jul 18 to 9 pm Register. Enjoy zucchini blini with a yogurt-mint drizzle, cold cucumber-avocado soup with crispy garlic toast, watermelon salad with kalamata olives and basil, herb-marinated grilled shrimp with stewed tomatoes over arugula pesto orzo, plus olive oil cake with sour cherry compote and mascarpone whipped cream.

Fri, Jul 19 6 to pm Register. Spend an exciting evening with her making a typical outdoor Greek picnic that can be made ahead and served at room temperature. This hands-on class will make crispy baked hortopita - a phyllo-wrapped mixture of greens and feta and ricotta, a tomato and basil summer salad with pan-grilled haloumi cheese, French-fried mint marinated zucchini, grilled lamb sausage kabob served with herbed yogurt dip, plus coconut semolina cake - a specialty of Southern Greece.

Details Maria Sakellariou. Fri, Jul 19 to 9 pm Register. For those who are interested in learning more about how to cook, A Day in the Kitchen offers an in-depth mastery of specific culinary arts. These classes are limited to eight people. Spend the day with Kirk Warner perfecting the art of Italian pasta dough. This hands-on class will learn to make a variety of fresh noodle shapes, including fettuccine, angel hair, pappardelle, ravioli, tortellini, agnolotti, cannelloni, and cavatelli, plus potato gnocchi and the amazing Venetian-style lasagna.

This class is offered again on September 7. Details Kirk Warner. Sat, Jul 20 10 am to 3 pm Sold Out. Learn how to identify herbs by their flavor profiles allium, bitter, cooling, grassy, lemon, licorice, peppery, resinous, tangy and enjoy two different herb soups grassy and licorice , a bitter herb salad, two different herb tarts peppery and resinous , plus two different herbal infused ice creams cooling and lemon. Sat, Jul 20 11 am to pm Register. Join her for a hands-on class perfect for couples creating a Mexican spread with spicy jackfruit tortilla soup, a trio of dips served with tortilla chips - choriqueso fondue with soy chorizo, molcajete de guacamole, and chile morita salsa, walnut empanadas with avocado lime crema, smashed black bean-green chile taquitos, potato and mushroom enchiladas smothered with black bean guajillo sauce, plus churros with a salted caramel sauce.

Details Stephanie Bosch. Sat, Jul 20 6 to pm Sold Out. Enjoy a Big Texan bourbon and grapefruit cocktail, biscuits with bourbon molasses butter, maple and bourbon-glazed panzanella salad, bourbon-spiked honey-glazed salmon over braised collard greens, bacon-maple roasted carrots, plus buttermilk-bacon-bourbon custard tart.

Details Marianne Moore. Sat, Jul 20 to 9 pm Register. Conquer the art of baking delicious yeast breads in this hands-on class that will cover all kinds of delicious, home-baked breads, including baguettes, rolls, pizza, rye, whole-grain, and sandwich breads. The class will make natural starters, sponges, crusty breads, and enriched doughs. Plus, learn how to make the amazing no-knead, slow-rise bread. Sun, Jul 21 11 am to 4 pm Sold Out. As the class discusses the book, Mickey Kitterman prepares classic chopped chicken livers with deeply caramelized onions served with toasted pumpernickel, chilled Russian borscht with roasted earthy beets garnished with sour cream topped with fresh dill and scallions, tender cabbage rolls with pork and rice flavored with tart cherries, plus ginger wafer rum torte filled with rum-flavored mousse and whipped cream.

Novel Cuisine is a culinary book club for food lovers that read the book in advance and includes novels, memoirs, histories, science and politics -- all with food as a central theme. The books for Novel Cuisine are available at Kitchen Conservatory. Sun, Jul 21 1 to pm Register. Devon Drag has devised an honest-to-goodness dinner that is so exciting and flavorful, no one would guess that it is without grain, gluten, white sugar or dairy!

Sun, Jul 21 5 to pm Register. Before the work week starts, spend a quiet evening in our kitchen recharging with a night of noodles - the easy one-dish dinner. The charming Marianne Moore will do all the cooking with five delicious dishes, including cucumbers and olives with lemony orzo and honey goat cheese, pineapple-shrimp noodle bowls, lemony linguine with charred cauliflower and arugula, grilled ratatouille penne salad with seared salmon, plus caprese chicken zoodle bowls. Sun, Jul 21 to 8 pm Register. Using the freshest fish and other beautiful ingredients, this hands-on class will master the art of rolling and forming a variety of lavish and enticing sushi.

This class is offered again on August 19 with Jay Dedkhad. Details Naomi Hamamura. Mon, Jul 22 6 to pm Sold Out. Spend an unforgettable evening learning how to throw pizza dough from Racanelli's high into the air, and feeling a true sense of accomplishment. This hands-on class will enjoy pizza hot from the oven using a variety of ingredients to celebrate their mastery over the dough. Details Matt Middeke. Mon, Jul 22 to 9 pm Register. Tue, Jul 23 10 am to 1 pm Register. Who can resist the delicate interior and crispy exterior of deep fried doughs that are a staple in every culture?

Treat yourself to an evening in the kitchen with Naam Pruitt, as this hands-on class makes sopapillas rolled in cinnamon sugar, New Orleans beignets covered in powdered sugar, Italian zeppoles with lemon curd, funnel cakes with fresh berries, plus sour cream blueberry fritters with vanilla glaze. Tue, Jul 23 6 to pm Register. Learn to make burrata cheese with pan-roasted peaches and aleppo peppers, Chinese five-spice pork ribs with peach-raspberry glaze, carrot-ginger rice pilaf, grilled peach lemongrass shrimp, cucumber-peach nuoc cham, plus peach buttermilk sherbet.

Tue, Jul 23 to 9 pm Register. This hands-on class will spend a lively evening working side-by-side with the chef to create local gazpacho with a spiced shrimp skewer, butter lettuce and arugula salad with pears and candied pecans topped with goat cheese and maple-raspberry vinaigrette, buttermilk grilled chicken with grilled corn and Israeli couscous, grilled wild salmon with mango-bourbon glaze, plus rum-drenched berries served on short cakes with allspice whipped cream.

Wed, Jul 24 to 9 pm Register. This hands-on class for vegans will make farmers' market sweet corn soup with carrots and cannellini beans topped with fresh basil and pine nuts, smoky roasted eggplant and market fresh tomatoes "BLT" with tofu, Caryn's ultimate vegetable soup, plus a kale-chickpea-artichoke summer salad with peppadews and avocado tossed in hemp seed ranch dressing.

Details Caryn Dugan. Thu, Jul 25 6 to pm Sold Out. Work side-by-side with Barb Nack, as this hands-on class makes honey lemon squares with a buttery crust and lemon curd filling, summer peach cake with maple whipped cream, cherry hazelnut crisp, fresh strawberry mousse garnished with fresh berries, plus easy banana "ice cream". Thu, Jul 25 to 9 pm Register.

The class will make a caramelized onion-bacon-blue cheese pizza, Bel Paese-asparagus-prosciutto pizza, Italian sausage-wild mushroom-roasted red pepper pizza, and pesto-fresh mozzarella-tomato pizza, then each couple will create their own pizza! Also, enjoy making sangria, a mixed green salad with balsamic vinaigrette, and salted caramel ice cream. Details Dawn Meyer and Larry Meyers. Fri, Jul 26 to 9 pm Register.

It is always our pleasure to have chef Josh Galliano share his vast wealth of knowledge of preserving everything from pickles to condiments in this exciting hands-on class. Learn safe and easy canning methods, and learn to make Sicilian caponata, bread-and-butter asparagus, dark cherry chutney, and watermelon jam. Each participant will take home a jar of canned food. Details Joshua Galliano. Sat, Jul 27 10 am to 1 pm Register. Join Devon Drag for a hands-on class creating rainbow vegetable kabobs with hummus, build-your-own Mason jar pasta-vegetable salads with cheese and a choice of balsamic or ranch dressing, sloppy Joe hand pies, plus baked s'mores bars layered with chocolate and marshmallow creme.

Sat, Jul 27 12 to pm Register. The evening begins with a one-hour tango dance lesson with dance instructor Tal Stein, then waltz into the kitchen with a French 75 champagne-cognac cocktail. This hands-on class joins Barb Nack to create romaine-prosciutto salad with vinaigrette, apple and goat cheese crostini, grilled filet mignon served with white truffle oil, duchess potatoes, plus strawberry tart with pastry cream.

Sat, Jul 27 6 to 9 pm Sold Out. Enjoy a spectacular evening with a classic three dots and a dash tiki cocktail, spicy coconut veggie slaw, sweet and sticky pork steaks with sesame broccoli, garlicky plantains, plus Key lime icebox cake.

Perfect Yeast Doughnuts, Sugar and Filled with Jam Nutella and Cream

Sat, Jul 27 to 9 pm Register. Details Jon Lowe. Sun, Jul 28 to 3 pm Register. Join Amanda Anderson and learn to make fun oven-melted suckers using a popular fruit candy to create a variety of flavors and shapes and color combinations, caramel-chocolate candy "bars" with or without peanuts and plenty of fun toppings, honeycomb candy - an exciting experiment of homemade caramel with a secret ingredient that creates an explosive good time, unicorn fudge, plus chocolate dipped marshmallows with exciting toppings of sprinkles and more.

Candy made in class may be taken home. Sun, Jul 28 1 to pm Register. Learn to create Cajun-style barbecue shrimp, mixed greens salad with grits croutons and buttermilk dressing, pan-seared pork loin chops served on French bread-andouille sausage stuffing with Cajun spices, brown sugar-glazed carrot bundles tied with a leek strip, bourbon vanilla ice cream with pecan-praline cookies, plus a champagne-bourbon cocktail. Details Julie Malloy. Sun, Jul 28 5 to pm Register.

Enjoy grilled watermelon and heirloom tomato salad with goat cheese and pepper jelly vinaigrette, broiled Indian butter chicken served with herbed basmati rice, plus cinnamon tortilla chips and fresh fruit salsa. Details Pete Fagan. Mon, Jul 29 6 to pm Register. Learn to make Sicilian caponata on bruschetta, spinach and ricotta-stuffed ravioli with walnut sauce, crispy pork Milanese with insalata Treviso, plus limoncello mousse.

Mon, Jul 29 to 9 pm Register. Spend a relaxing evening at the counter as Barb Nack creates refreshing dishes on a hot summer night. Enjoy pineapple rum punch, grilled cantaloupe salad with blueberry-ginger vinaigrette topped with sweet pecans and feta cheese, crab tacos with all the toppings, chicken pasta salad with fresh corn and ricotta lemon dressing, and pancetta-wrapped halibut kabobs.

Tue, Jul 30 6 to pm Register. Tue, Jul 30 to 9 pm Register. This hands-on class will make grilled pork belly lettuce wraps, pork and kimchi dumplings, beef bulgogi with rice and spicy cucumber salad, stir-fried sweet potato starch noodles with vegetables, plus chapssal doughnuts with sweet red bean filling. Wed, Jul 31 6 to pm Register. Rachel shares some basic recipes and techniques to get you started with using the Instant Pot or any electric pressure cooker as she demonstrates making broth, hard boiled eggs, oatmeal with the "pot in pot" method, cooking frozen chicken to make chicken tacos, steamed broccoli, plus a peach dump cake perfect for summer.

Details Rachel Sarino. Wed, Jul 31 to 9 pm Register. This hands-on class with Mickey Kitterman creates Argentine cowboy rib-eye steaks with lemon-oregano chimichurri, grilled feta-brined chicken breast with Greek herb tzatziki, Malaysian sambal halibut with hot peppers and coconut milk and ginger roasted in banana leaf packages, plus deep-fried Brussels sprouts salad with Moroccan preserved lemon vinaigrette.

Thu, Aug 1 6 to pm Register. Thu, Aug 1 to 9 pm Register. Fri, Aug 2 6 to pm Register. Girlfriends, change your plans! We are celebrating a night out with good food and sparkling wine! Fri, Aug 2 to 9 pm Register. This hands-on class will discover what makes three different cheeses special as they grill a Cypriot cheese for a caramelized cheese with a soft center for gyros with pickled onions and tzatziki on homemade naan paired with a pilsner, create a meal of fresh hand-pulled Marcoot Jersey Creamery mozzarella with ripe summer peaches and pan-fried olives with speck, farro, and gremolata served with a farmhouse ale, plus an exceptional beefy-style cheese that makes a perfect meal served with fresh strawberry mostarda and homemade rye crackers served with hard cider.

Details Melanie Coffey Galli. Sat, Aug 3 11 am to pm Register.

Perfect Yeast Doughnuts–Sugar, and Filled (with Jam, Nutella or Cream)

Chef Lou will hand-select the finest ingredients available for an exquisite multi-course chef's tasting that is sure to please the palate, as Glenn expertly pairs each course with wine for a memorable afternoon. Sat, Aug 3 1 to 4 pm Sold Out. Sat, Aug 3 6 to pm Register. Sat, Aug 3 to 9 pm Register. This hands-on class will use the proper techniques for blending the batter and creating perfectly domed and footed sandwich cookies to make cocoa macarons with raspberry sour cream ganache, espresso macarons with cappuccino ganache, green tea macarons with matcha-white chocolate ganache, plus lemon macarons with lemon-star anise ganache.

Sun, Aug 4 to pm Sold Out. Sun, Aug 4 1 to pm Register. Create a mango crisp with vanilla ice cream for dessert. Sun, Aug 4 5 to pm Register. Enjoy fresh cherry punch, a beautiful presentation of pickled cucumbers with goat cheese and cherries, Swedish meatballs in cherry sauce, poached salmon with cherry hollandaise, cherry corn muffins, plus baked meringues with rum-soaked cherries and ice cream.

This class is offered again on August 6. Mon, Aug 5 6 to pm Sold Out. Backpack Snack Attack is available on August Order in the kitchen! The ovens are in session and ready to bake incredible yeasted breads. This hands-on class with bread baker Margi Kahn will discover tips for working with yeast, rising, and using the right tools to make semolina Italian sesame seed bread and rolls, salt-brined focaccia, plus chocolate-raspberry rolls.

Tue, Aug 6 6 to 9 pm Register. Tue, Aug 6 to 9 pm Register. Wed, Aug 7 10 am to 1 pm Register. This hands-on class will make grilled peach sundaes with vanilla ice cream and salted bourbon-caramel sauce served in pizzelles, coconut-caramel-rum fondue with rum-drenched mini vanilla cakes and fresh fruit, summer sangria berry crumble with Grand Marnier and red wine, strawberry margarita cupcakes with strawberry tequila filling and buttercream frosting, plus a strawberry-peach sweet tea julep.

Wed, Aug 7 6 to pm Register. Wed, Aug 7 to 9 pm Register. Hold on for a feast of rich chocolate creations in an evening of decadence with the queen of chocolate, Barb Nack. Thu, Aug 8 6 to pm Register. Thu, Aug 8 to 9 pm Register. Join Thai native Naam Pruitt and learn to make chicken lettuce wraps with peanuts, spicy garlic shrimp with sweet peppers and onions, stir-fried beef with assorted mushrooms and green onions, stir-fried chicken with Japanese eggplant and Thai basil, spicy ground pork with mapo tofu in bean paste, plus coconut-pineapple sorbet.

Fri, Aug 9 6 to pm Register. Enjoy a bourbon smash cocktail with lemon and mint, cobb salad with blue cheese vinaigrette, pepper crusted strip steaks with port cherry reduction, lobster smashed potatoes, plus mini berry cheesecakes. Fri, Aug 9 to 9 pm Register. Sat, Aug 10 11 am to pm Register. Roll up your sleeves for a fun afternoon with Vikki DiMattia cranking out pasta dough to make homemade fettuccini, along with Alfredo sauce and a quick tomato sauce. This hands-on class will make a fresh Mediterranean salad with salami and cheese and homemade vinaigrette, then turn big chocolate chip cookies into dessert "pizzas" with raspberry jam "sauce", white chocolate "cheese" and fruit leather "pepperoni", served with vanilla ice cream.

Sat, Aug 10 12 to pm Register. This hands-on class will create bhel puri - the most popular street food of Mumbai with spiced puffed rice and green and tamarind chutneys and peanuts, dabeli sandwich from Gujarat with spicy potatoes topped with peanuts and chutney and pomegranates, Indian omelet with turmeric and green chiles, akki roti - a simple rice flour flat bread from Karnataka with grated carrots and cucumbers served with coconut chutney, fried fish from the streets of Kerala, plus lamb curry from Tamil Nadu served with rice.

Details Aruna Gopinath. Sat, Aug 10 6 to pm Register. Enjoy a relaxing evening with the girls and a margarita, as Naam prepares asparagus soup with parmesan crisps, goat cheese-artichoke tartlets, tequila-lime chicken with mango salsa, cilantro rice with spring peas, plus strawberry-lemon sorbet. Sat, Aug 10 to 9 pm Register. Please note the class is BYOM bring your own mat! Sun, Aug 11 am to pm Sold Out.

Sun, Aug 11 1 to pm Register. Grab your partner and get in the kitchen with Naam Pruitt to create a tequila sunrise royale, elote Mexican street corn-roasted peppers queso fresco dip with fresh corn chips, campechana shrimp and lobster cocktail with crab and avocado in a spicy tomato sauce, grilled tenderloin fajitas with homemade corn tortillas, arroz verde - fragrant rice cooked with Mexican chiles and tossed with salsa verde, plus tequila lime sorbet.

Sun, Aug 11 5 to pm Register. This hands-on class will make coconut tuile cigars, dulce de leche alfajores - shortbread caramel sandwich cookies, almond lace cookies, s'mores bars with toasted marshmallows and graham cracker crumbs, plus vanilla "watermelon" cookies. Mon, Aug 12 6 to pm Register. Bring your friends! Bring your family! Barb Nack is playing hooky with her favorite "let's kick back" fish dishes. Mon, Aug 12 to 9 pm Register.

Binging with Babish: Bob's Burgers

The best pies start with a perfectly flaky and tender crust, and every pie in this hands-on class is double crusted for twice the deliciousness. Learn the secrets for not overworking the dough and rolling out double crusts, as the class makes four fresh fruit pies - cherry pie, blueberry pie, peach pie, and blackberry pie. Tue, Aug 13 6 to pm Register. Sit back and enjoy the trials and tribulations of this competition, as Kore prepares his spectacular "Bento, Done That" dishes with lobster coconut fried rice, tempura oyster mushrooms, General Tso's monkfish, slow-brewed miso soup, plus Stella Artois pineapple sorbetto and vanilla cream.

Details Kore Wilbert. Tue, Aug 13 to 9 pm Register. Satisfy your desires for biscuits and desserts with an array of totally gluten-free treats. This hands-on class with Margi Kahn will create buttermilk biscuits with homemade lemon-honey butter, Rocky Road cookie ice cream sandwiches, crunchy-topped rich chocolate tea loaf, plus an orange olive oil cake with Grand Marnier glaze.

Wed, Aug 14 6 to 9 pm Register. Wed, Aug 14 to 9 pm Register. Thu, Aug 15 6 to pm Register. This hands-on class will make steamed buns with char siu pork filling, shrimp and pork spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce, steamed pork shu mai with soy-chile dipping sauce, pork and Napa cabbage dumplings with black vinegar, plus Chinese doughnuts rolled in sugar. Thu, Aug 15 to 9 pm Register. Fri, Aug 16 6 to pm Register. Join Mickey Kitterman, as this hands-on class makes skillet crab imperial served with grilled bread, wilted kale-red onion-mushroom salad with mini pimiento cheese balls, cast iron flat iron steaks with redeye gravy, spicy Cajun corn maque choux, plus skillet buttermilk pie.

Fri, Aug 16 to 9 pm Register. This very popular participation class will show everything you need to know about selecting, preparing, and cooking all different kinds of fish and shellfish. Kirk Warner gives the class much flexibility in creating the dishes they most want to learn. Participants are invited to meet at am at Bob's Seafood, Olive Boulevard, to select the fish.

Sat, Aug 17 10 am to 3 pm Register. Designs and formulas have been computer-generated for virtually creating the most exciting treats that could make it impossible to choose a favorite candy crush. Join Amanda Anderson and learn to make orange creamsicle white chocolate truffles, caramel apple suckers, marshmallow popcorn balls with colorful sprinkle add-ins, Kool Aid taffy, sesame crunch candy, plus orange jelly jewels with a modern ingredient. Sat, Aug 17 12 to pm Register. This hands-on class will make strawberry-pepper sangria, corn-crab fritters, grilled chile-glazed flank steak with chile-cilantro butter, hot honey sweet potatoes, mustard green salad with seasonal vegetables and a crisp beer vinaigrette, plus Mexican hot chocolate-cinnamon ice cream sandwiches.

Sat, Aug 17 6 to pm Register. Sat, Aug 17 to 9 pm Register. Join chef Jon Lowe to prepare cast iron artichoke-spinach dip with assorted vegetables, baby romaine lettuce salad with capers and lemon vinaigrette topped with a fried egg and cast iron parmesan crisps, cast iron seared chicken quarters with pan sauce served with asparagus and mushroom hash, plus warm lemon skillet cake with citrus icing. Sun, Aug 18 to 3 pm Register.

Sun, Aug 18 1 to pm Register. Sun, Aug 18 5 to pm Register. Follow along with Heather for step-by-step instructions for outlining, flooding, marbling, wet-on-wet, and wet-on-dry techniques to create fabulous back-to-school cookies, with plenty of time to create your own designs. Everyone will leave with a stunning array of decorated cookies to impress family, friends, and a favorite teacher. Details Heather Reed.

Sun, Aug 18 to 8 pm Register. Details Jay Dedkhad. Mon, Aug 19 6 to pm Register. Mon, Aug 19 to 9 pm Register. Don't you cry! Go ahead and make plans for summer entertaining with an easy but impressive menu by Marianne Moore. Enjoy plum margaritas, minty black bean salad, buttermilk smashed potato salad, rib-eye steaks with charred corn relish, plus lemon shortcakes with basil berries.

Tue, Aug 20 6 to pm Register. This hands-on class will create calamari fritti with spicy arrabbiata basil marinara, Boathouse creamy spinach-artichoke dip with garlic herb flatbread, "The Hill" salad with Genoa salami and shaved red onions topped with black olives and red wine vinaigrette, Tuscan barbecued whole pork loin, roasted fingerling potatoes and bell peppers with fennel and spinach, plus espresso panna cotta. Tue, Aug 20 to 9 pm Register. Wed, Aug 21 6 to pm Register. Wed, Aug 21 to 9 pm Register. Enjoy baked crispy crab cakes with peach salsa, seafood primavera with marinated shrimp and scallops with lots of colorful vegetables and basil cream sauce, martini scallops with angel hair pasta layered in a martini glass with lemon-caper-vermouth sauce and toasted breadcrumbs, baked salmon with lime-dill-honey mustard sauce, and champagne strawberry sherbet.

Thu, Aug 22 6 to pm Register. This hands-on class will make Tuscan-stuffed mushrooms, shaved fennel salad with roasted peppers and burrata, shrimp scampi with grilled focaccia, seared steaks with crispy mushrooms and prosciutto served over creamy polenta with gorgonzola cheese, plus chocolate drizzled almond biscotti and pistachio gelato.

Thu, Aug 22 to 9 pm Register. This hands-on class will make romaine-apple-red onion salad with gorgonzola and candied pecans topped with whiskey vinaigrette, spice rubbed pork loin roast with a bourbon reduction, succotash with bacon and maple bourbon brown butter, plus flourless chocolate bourbon brownies with vanilla ice cream and bourbon caramel sauce, and The Big Texan bourbon-grapefruit cocktail.

Fri, Aug 23 6 to pm Register. Sat, Aug 24 11 am to 2 pm Sold Out. As the new school year begins, learn to make exciting snacks perfect for an after school treat or to pack with your school lunch. Join Vikki DiMattia for a fun afternoon making cheesy pizza rolls with or without pepperoni, cowboy salsa and fresh chips, oatmeal trail mix cookies, cookie monster blue popcorn with cookies and white chocolate and "eyes", plus peanut butter and jelly blondies.

Sat, Aug 24 12 to 2 pm Register.