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The TAAG partnership could, at first blush, be seen to be Emirates dabbling with very small partnerships.

The partnership developments in Malaysia and potentially South Africa show that Emirates is looking to make friends in markets of importance, but going beyond its handful of key markets Australia, US where its previous major partnership efforts were concentrated. It tends not to do anything in a small way. It would rather wait and kick off with a strong start than begin with a small presence.

This certainly applies to its routes, where less than daily service is unusual; Etihad and Qatar are less concerned by having only a few frequencies a week. It also extends to marketing, where Emirates may be quiet for a period, but will then deliver its pointed Jennifer Aniston commercial, which nearly instantly made headlines. Emirates launched social media with full force rather than dabbling in it.

The Qantas partnership was big, and an American Airlines one would have been too, but Emirates is increasingly bowing to flexibility, finding it can benefit from smaller partnerships while not deviating from its business. This is not necessarily a sign that Emirates was wrong in the past but rather it can be agile, and as it enters maturity, at 30 years old, it can think about Life differently. There are also external factors as its competitors develop and grow partnership strategies, with most of these occurring in recent years.

Etihad Airways is acquiring typically distressed carriers for strategic and sovereign reasons, forming codeshare partnerships with a number of other carriers. Forgoing the opportunity to join the oneworld alliance, allowing Qatar Airways to enter, may be a regret for Emirates. Partnership revenue for accounted for USD1. Prior to the extensive Emirates partnership announcement, Malaysia Airlines partnered with Etihad. The future of the Malaysia-Etihad partnership is unclear. South African Airways had been seeking a Gulf partner and was weighing offers from Etihad and Emirates.

This has resulted in Emirates coming back to SAA with a far more competitive offering. Although value is of course the end objective, there are multiple nuances along the way. Below is a brief description of the individual motivations. Crucially, Qantas shifted its European stopover hub from Singapore to Dubai and gained access to Emirates' far wider European, and beyond, network.

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Emirates saw the Qantas partnership as a necessity since Qantas, despite a far more limited network and forced backtracking through London, was able to have a yield advantage over Emirates because of its local presence and frequent flyer programme. See related report: Qantas and Emirates to codeshare in first alliance shakeup of the season; next: Qatar into oneworld. An American Airlines partnership has not materialised, despite the desire, and attempts from Emirates.

Similarly to the relationship with Qantas, Emirates wants access to American's customer base, which includes the world's largest frequent flyer programme, AAdvantage. American in fact has a longstanding codeshare with Etihad, and formed a codeshare with Qatar following Qatar's entry to oneworld.

Fact Check: does only the economy of Antarctica grow slower than the EU's?

See related report: Emirates continues courting American as ink dries on Qantas deal. The Malaysia-Emirates partnership follows from Etihad's interest in Malaysia. Malaysia has been restructuring and cutting its long haul network, particularly to Europe. The Emirates partnership was announced at the same time Malaysia announced that it would end service to Amsterdam and Paris , leaving London as its only online European market.

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Malaysia is also closing its daily service to Dubai, leaving all Dubai- Kuala Lumpur capacity flown by Emirates. The deal will likely see Emirates place more passengers onto Malaysia's regional Asian network than Malaysia places passengers onto Emirates.

SAA was Emirates' first codeshare partner and the relationship was largely limited until SAA was able to end services to Beijing and Mumbai two routes deemed strategic by its government owners. The Etihad partnership may fade as Emirates — originally believing SAA would not partner with Etihad — has brought to the table a far more comprehensive partnership. While this would be smaller in size than Emirates-Qantas, it could go deeper into procurement, including aircraft purchasing, a feature of Etihad's partner network. Announced in Oct, the Emirates-TAAG partnership is a small, market-specific partnership covering Angola, where access is limited but the yields are high.

A lack of ownership stakes is one large difference between Emirates' major partners and Etihad's. These three are market-specific partnerships. The partners do not fly to Dubai or cooperate on any long haul routes having none although JetBlue does codeshare on Emirates' network. JetBlue also contributes in other Emirates destinations, including Boston and Orlando.

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Copa is a new partnership and takes form in as Emirates plans to commence service to Copa's Panama City hub Dubai-Panama City will become the world's longest route. Copa will provide access to Central and South America , markets that are either too thin for non-stop service, or have operational challenges that preclude non-stop service. Codeshare flights on Copa have taken longer than expected and delayed Emirates' Panama City launch.

Panama City for LatAm Growth. Gulf carriers are underrepresented in China. Where Gulf carriers have such small presences — not just in China but also in Canada and Korea — it is because of bilateral restrictions. There has been little change in the number of average daily Gulf carrier flights into mainland China between 11 and Covering over forty years of sustainable development, the report highlights progress that has been made toward greener and more inclusive growth, while drawing attention to scale limitations as a result of weak governance structures, policy incoherence and institutional silos.

The report documents how poor groups and small or informal businesses often lack the power, access or agency to shape policy or business outcomes. This is of critical importance because the informal economy is much larger than the formal economy in many developing countries, and the starting point for most poor groups. To achieve this and deliver pro-poor, inclusive green growth, the Report recommends that focus be placed on four key policy outcomes:.

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The report also offers guidance on inclusive processes that deliver green growth outcomes. Crab McNasty rated it really liked it Dec 24, Paul Vittay rated it really liked it Feb 18, F Massari rated it it was amazing Nov 11, Craig Bovis rated it liked it May 27, Nick rated it really liked it Apr 07, Niels Jansen rated it really liked it Jan 17, Rebecca rated it really liked it Apr 24, Sawira rated it liked it Apr 27, Urdigg rated it it was amazing Dec 12, Larrisa rated it really liked it Feb 06, Enrico rated it liked it Oct 21, James rated it it was amazing Jan 14, Rudolf Kerkhoven rated it really liked it Oct 02, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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