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But while there's no kink, there's plenty of action, suspense, and steam to keep you turning the pages. Not A Hero was a deliciously suspenseful read with a swoony romance tied in. I loved the slower pacing and the relationship development. I loved getting a taste of the other brothers especially Hawk , and I loved the vividly quirky citizens of this little town. Everything together turned this into a perfectly blended contemporary and suspense romance.

I can't wait for more in this series. ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review Find me on View 2 comments. Feb 01, Vintage rated it liked it Shelves: alternating-pov , brothers , danger-will-robinson , hunky-heroes , a-real-sweetheart , adventure , alpha , bromance-alert , mighty-military-men , molly-you-in-danger-girl. Cherise Sinclair is back with a solid three star book. I am a tough grader as ex-students will tell you. After the lackluster Defiance which introduced the series, she hits it hard.

It looks like the Sons of the Survivalist series say that three times fast is going to more of an adventure romance with a hint of thriller. The librarian heroine is on the run from some bad guys really bad guys as the scene where they beat her up Cherise Sinclair is back with a solid three star book. The librarian heroine is on the run from some bad guys really bad guys as the scene where they beat her up is a little graphic and she ends up in a small town in Alaska. Did Cherise Sinclair watch Northern Exposure as it has the vibe.

The hero is the oldest adopted son of the Sargent who took 4? Tough beans as Sarge manipulates his adopted sons from the grave into helping turn the small town of Rescue, AK around. Two other brothers that look quite hunky and promising are in town setting up the local bar and a Health Clinic, and there is another that pops in at the end. The H becomes Chief of Police and not only deals with small town issues, but the underlying malevolence of paramilitary uber religious group that looks as if they will be set up as the big bad guys of the next couple of books.

Hint: Sister Woman. The heroine changes and grows from the shy little librarian to the much spunkier fly-fishing, Dead-Eye Chick that can protect her man. Some cute and sweet moments as she adapts the what is really the wilderness. Did the h leave the big bad guys behind forever? Not a huge game changer, but I enjoyed the story, the characters, the small town dynamic. One surprise! Shocking hero behavior. View all 10 comments. Mar 28, Denisa rated it really liked it Shelves: better-than-i-expected , romance , cute , fun , great-female-char , great-male-char , interesting , wow-i-didn-t-expect-that.

I absolutely loved these two! You wanna know why I loved the heroine so much? Because she was awesome! She used her brain before every decision, she searched for the best answers and she chose the most appropriate one. This happens so rarely in most novels these days that it deserves praise whenever it happens. Definitely worth reading! A shy, introverted librarian falling for the hot chief of police There isn't a Cherise Sinclair's book I haven't loved I'm so excited about this new series, more mainstream than her BDSM series. May 20, Sabrina rated it really liked it Shelves: cop-military-bodyguard-merc.

Gabe and Audrey had some amazing chemistry and I loved getting to see that. It was also really intriguing to read about what was happening in Rescue, Alaska and seeing Gabe and his brothers try to help rebuild the town. Audrey also brought her own suspense to the story with her being on the run from a pretty scar guy. It all came together to be a very captivated story and has me dying to get my hands on the next one. Feb 03, BleuBelle rated it it was ok Shelves: not-my-style , ow-drama , dnf , no-chemistry , boring , no-romance-yet , not-my-kind-of-hero. Found it quite boring. Didn't warm up to the Hero or the Heroine.

Hero had already an ex-wife, his ex-girlfriend is now in the new town causing trouble. He doesn't do relationships yeah, right and decides a ONS with Heroine after knowing her 1 day is all right. He gets his panties in a twist, because Heroine isn't all that forthcoming with him after knowing each other a day.

He thinks that sleeping with her he even wanted to leave her after the sex, because we all know women might get attached otherwise would mean that Heroine would tell him all. And then afterwards he doesn't defend her when his ex-girlfriend is nasty to her. Such a great "hero".

Heroine is always on about how she's not social enough, how she flees conversations and how all alone she is. So repetitive. She doesn't have much experience with men what else? But fear not, here comes the hero with his magic touch. She doesn't confront the Hero about the way he left her after the ONS. Or how he let his ex speak to her. No such things. But she lets herself be seduced again, because Hero wants to have his way with her again. That's all that matters. Sorry, not sorry.

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Mar 10, Rosebud rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary , romantic-suspense , series-book , erotic-romance , m-f , law-enforcement , librarian. They have each other's backs which is a good thing when an attempted sexual assault on one of them is thwarted by the others. At risk for consequences as no one ever believes a kid, a guardian angel stranger offers them the chance of their young lives to leave and live with him off the grid in Alaska.

Trusting Mako was the best thing that ever could have happened to the boys who are able to reach adulthood with survivalist skills and mindsets that carries over and benefit them to the present. It is only after Mako's death that the boys, now men, find out that Sarge Mako is still looking out for them, giving them one last mission to complete.

A mission that completes the circle to save others as Mako himself saved the boys. Rescue Alaska is a dying town unless someone can revitalize it. Gabriel and his brothers may just be that 'someone' to do it. Librarian Audrey Hamilton needs to completely disappear. It's said knowledge is power but the knowledge she has is the kind that will get her killed. Barely escaping Chicago with her life after she's attacked in her apartment, Audrey changes her identity ending up in Alaska where the likelihood of being found is unlikely.

As long as she can live off the radar she should remain safe until the hitman on her trail is found and captured. The surprises I encountered though were priceless. First obvious surprise is that this is not a BDSM erotic romance. Of course this series takes place in Alaska so realize that difference vs the others I cited.

Not a Hero

Has me thinking the tourism in Alaska might just increase based on this book looking for fictional Rescue town. A good start to the series giving a tip of the hat to the sexy librarian profession as a whole. Had a lot of love for her and Gabriel as the sexy sheriff character. For those on a need to know basis, unless you've been under a rock, this author includes adult content erotic scenes in her stories. Secondary characters.

One doesn't have to be a psychic to predict that all four brothers will get their own stories. Additionally, the author has included a pool of other town residents that could sustain this series for an infinite period of time. Great news for fans, of which I'm one. With no heads up on the next installment, guess I'll have to be a patient kitten for now.

Only issues I had with this book are technical and reservations on story line inconsistencies. Minor but still a thing. Recommend this book for all fans of Cherise Sinclair and fans of the small town snarky independent town atmosphere. You won't regret it. Not a Hero is a story of two people with serious social handicaps learning to find a how to be friends-not only with each other, but with the people in their community. Gabe is the oldest adopted son of Sargent Mako, a prepper before the term was coined.

Mako took in the four boys, essentially kidnapping them from an abusive foster home and taking them with him to the wilds of Alaska. He taught them how to survive in the wilderness, skills that still come in handy. Gabe has holed himself up in Ma Not a Hero is a story of two people with serious social handicaps learning to find a how to be friends-not only with each other, but with the people in their community.

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Something about her makes him realize she is on the run. He is attracted to her, but has no intention of forming a relationship with her. Juliette is actually Audrey, an introvert from Chicago, who has pissed off a mob hit-man, who has allies in the local police department and the FBI.

So the two of them indulge in a one-night stand than somehow turns into two… and then more. But all is not well in Rescue, with some of the citizens opposing the renewed growth of the town and some targeting single women. Can Gabe keep Audrey and his town safe and still end up with the girl? Gabe is yummy, strong, protective, but not sexist, and Audrey is smart, capable, and resilient.

Not a chaser. Hell he is even gonna drop her off in the next town where she will get her new ID and then she will runaway. Also there was the typical lassie he used to sleep with years ago popping up and rubbing up against him.

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I never felt their connection. I was left feeling cold. Jan 24, Annie Under the Covers Book Blog rated it liked it Shelves: genre-erotic-romance , read-in , review-requests , arc , author-cherise-sinclair , series-son-of-the-survivalist. But since I had no idea what to expect, I discovered shortly after starting this book that Sinclair was going to go for a different style in this series. So to recap, this series will follow four men who have essentially been through hell together.

Going through the foster home system and experiencing the worst of the worst, they 3. Going through the foster home system and experiencing the worst of the worst, they are rescued and taken to the Alaskan wilderness where they grow up. Years later, their guardian dies and has one simple wish for them: revive their dying down of Rescue. There were some scenes that grossed me out and certainly a lot of scenes that brought forth the emotions as well.

I enjoyed the book overall, but am slightly slow to warm up to all the characters at this point. Dec 09, Maria Dimitrova rated it it was amazing Shelves: romance-smut , contemporary-romance. Cherise Sinclair is on my auto-buy list for a reason and she proved her rightful place on it with Not a Hero. When I learned that Ms. But then I remembered that while I initially started reading her books for the smutty scenes I stayed for the plots. After all just hot sex is not enough to keep my interest for over 25 books.

Sure her initial books don't have much beyond the smoking hot guys and sex to recommend them but as the Master Cherise Sinclair is on my auto-buy list for a reason and she proved her rightful place on it with Not a Hero. Sure her initial books don't have much beyond the smoking hot guys and sex to recommend them but as the Masters of the Shadowlands series progressed I could see how her style changed and became more sophisticated. So when the pre-order link went live I didn't hesitate for even a second.

For those familiar with Ms. Sinclair's works it will be no surprise that Gabe was first introduced in aforementioned series, in the short story Defiance. I loved that story not only because it gave us another glimpse at Master Z and Jessica but also because it once again reminded me that both the Shadowlands and Dark Haven exist in the same world. And I adore every scene when characters of the two series meet and interact.

And now we get to add a third set of characters to the mix! I strongly suggest reading Defiance before starting Not a Hero as it gives some much needed info on both Gabe and his state of mind in the beginning of the novel but also on his adoptive father Mako. You can still read it without that prequel story but in my opinion it will enhance the experience. The town of Rescue is adorable and the narrative almost made me wish I lived in a small town.

Okay not really but I would love to visit it for a couple of weeks.

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  • I like my big city conveniences a little bit too much for ever moving back into a smaller town. Anyway, Rescue unfortunately a made up town somewhere in Alaska seems to have a lot of stories to tell and while I'm sure that each novel will have enough details in it to be somewhat of a standalone it was obvious that there's an over-reaching story to be told. Probably something to do with the misogynistic militarized zealots leaving just outside of the town.

    One of the things I love most about Ms. Sinclair's writing is that her female leads are always so relatable. Audrey, much like Sally from the Shadowlands, was especially easy to identify with as she's a nerdy librarian who spends most of her time trying to avoid real life interactions. Forced to run from a dangerous hitman she's also forced to abandon her comfort zone of online interactions and have a more socially accepted social life.

    I greatly sympathized with her while she was learning the fine art of small talk from an aged Brit lady as I know how difficult it is to learn. I had to purposefully learn how to do this which seems to come so easily to most people but is a total nightmare for me. I learned and mostly make it seem effortless now but I still overthink everything I say, get stressed out and eventually if I don't find a suitable excuse to run away I end up so stressed that I blurt out something totally inappropriate.

    Audrey is very much like me and I love these type of stories because it makes me hope that maybe one day I'll also find someone who loves me the way I am. Audrey and Gabe have great chemistry and the instant attraction made for some great sexual tension scenes. However, there was no insta-love and the actual relationship took quite a while to develop. They both had to overcome some inner demons and start to trust each other before things could actually progress to something more than a one-night stand.

    It's that part of romance books I love most - the development of feelings and trust, the banter when the two characters are still unsure if things will work out. It's just fascinating. Human interactions seem so simple and straightforward on the page of a book. So to summarize, this is a great start for a new series, with well balanced plot and character development. Some of the twists were rather obvious if you pay close attention to the details, others were out of the blue so it wasn't entirely predictable. It had some hilarious scenes that nicely balanced the more darker parts.

    Gabe is an alpha male but not the jerk type that seems to be the norm when authors try to write dominant men so I strongly recommend reading this if you're tired of the toxic macho types. The books is also rather short so it's an easy read to fit in between others when you look for something relaxing but still requiring brain power. Feb 21, Jenny - TotallybookedBlog rated it really liked it.

    See a Problem?

    She became synonymous with our early love for kink; strong heroes who loved with abandon and emotion as well as wonderful heroines who had just the perfect balance of vulnerability and strength. Her writing is mature and thrilling with a penchant for high thrilling drama that is always spot on and never overdone. The combination of sweet and sexy was irresistible.

    Again, the writing had us hooked and the characters even more so. Her personality was a fascinating mixture of brilliance and logic and enthusiasm and compassion. Brothers in arms up against a vile man, stood together in defiance when one of them was taken down. On that same day Sargent Mako comes upon them, rounds up the boys and takes them with him to Alaska where they become a dysfunctional family unit, but a family unit nonetheless with an unbreakable bond of brotherhood.

    All bearing individual scars and varying degrees of internal brokenness. Socially inept, somewhat clumsy…That was who she was. She becomes privy to criminal activity, she has no place being a part of. With a death sentence hanging over her head and escaping a brutal beating, she goes on the run with a fake ID and ends up in a small town called Rescue, Alaska. This is where she meets Gabe and despite the reluctance of both her and him, falls for the controlling laid back Chief of Police who is hiding his own story and barely healed scars.

    He wanted more. A lifetime sounded about right. One is running from the ugly side of the law, the other is a copper. Well, an intense attraction occurs yet both are broken by life and their similarities too hard to ignore. Loyalty, protection, love and compassion. A hero. Whilst their romance at times took a backseat to this introduction, which is often the case in a book one, we did feel by the end that we were as much part of Rescue as everyone else. We fell in love and will be here, first in line, when the next instalment releases. What always makes Cherise Sinclair stand out was once again on display, yet the one thing that was missing, which left us wanting, was what we love the most about her stories.

    View all 6 comments. Do you need to read that book to fully enjoy this one, no, but her Master of the Shadowlands is a great series you should be reading anyway. I will say at the start of this one I wasn't sure, Gabe came off a bit too bitter mountain man isolationist.

    NOT A HERO DLC - Resident Evil 7 - Part 14

    It was only as his brothers showed up and guilted him into helping them that things start I really liked this "normal" romance book from the BDSM Queen. It was only as his brothers showed up and guilted him into helping them that things started to get interesting. Rescue was an interesting town, a town at a cross-roads. You had the locals that loved living there, some of whom wanted to bring in tourists more money for them and the town and some that hated the idea of tourists who would wreck things because of their ignorance.

    It was an interesting dichotomy. At times you weren't sure which side was going to win. However as the book went on the two different groups managed to see how things could be better for them all and work together. I loved how they banded together to protect people they considered "theirs". I loved how the town was at the end, all of the best having been brought out in them looking to the future. At first glance Rescue was the worst place for Audrey, other than being light years away from Chicago she was a fish out of water.

    However as time went on Audrey managed to become a better Audrey, do things she always wanted to try, but never did, from jobs, to leisure events, to making friends. In Rescue Audrey found people who genuinely liked her for her and appreciated what she could bring to help them. And there was Gabe I wasn't sure about these two as a couple. At the start Gabe was still too much in his own head, but the more time he spent around Audrey and living life in Rescue he could leave his past in the past and live for the now.

    I loved how both Gabe and Audrey blossomed with the town, how each of them often were slapped upside the head when they realized how much people appreciated them and how much they loved the town. Even time the couple spent with Gabe's brothers were good times, filled with laughter and music. The drama at the end was crazy, but showed everyone in the best light.

    I loved how everyone fought for everyone else, heck even the one day festival was done in true Alaskan style. I can't wait to read more in this series, to see the women that the other brothers fall for and how the town changes. A new contemporary romance series with the Alaskan wilderness as the backdrop. When you think of this author contemporary is not the first word that comes to mind. I've always wanted to see this author branch out into new genres and she certainly nailed it with The Sons of the Survivalist series.

    If you haven't, I recommend reading Defiance first as it introduces the backstory to the 4 men who make up the new series. They are 4 orphan boys that Zachary's Master Z from her Shadowlands series ol A new contemporary romance series with the Alaskan wilderness as the backdrop. They are not DOMs but they are still every bit as big, alpha and broody.

    First up is Gabriel MacNair. Gabe is the oldest of the four and has recently returned to Alaska to live off the grid in isolation in the bare minimum cabin he grew up in. He is worn down from all the death and destruction he has seen during his years as a police officer, Navy SEAL, and a mercenary and just wants to be left alone. But a recently received letter the Sergeant sent after his death has him asking the brothers to revive a small town called Rescue which they find out they half own.

    He's voted in to be the new Chief of Police. Audrey Hamilton lives in Chicago and is a introvert to nth degree. She is happy just living her life as a university librarian. As a side job she moonlights in internet research for clients. Her latest client had her looking into a pharmaceutical company that unfortunately had dire consequences for him and put her in the crosshairs of a nasty hitman. Now on the run and with a new identity she lands in Rescue, Alaska to hide out. As with most first books in a series there is lots of background info and introductions to secondary characters along with lots of time with the other brothers.

    The story was well rounded with romance, suspense and humor along with great scenic descriptions of Alaska and its wildlife. Looking forward to the next book in the series. Jan 30, Jan rated it liked it Shelves: american , contemporary. This knocked the star rating down for me. I'll probably get sucked in again when the next one comes out though LOL. Jan 19, Shayna rated it really liked it Shelves: military-romance , january , arc-review , read-in , genre-romantic-suspense , author-cherise-sinclair , series-sons-of-the-survivalist.

    It about sums up all of her amazing heroes perfectly! I felt their connection all the way to my bone and there was no stopping my deep desire for their happily ever after. Sinclair definitely brings the fire…the heat…the suspense! I was only left with one question…how quickly can I get my hands on the next one?! Feb 05, Big Joe Rossi rated it it was amazing. Not A Hero is the start of the Sons of the Survivalist series, an off shoot of the Masters of the Shadowlands series by the same author, the amazing Cherise Sinclair. This series can be read with out reading the other but the other series is amazing and you so should read it too.

    This series will center around four foster boys, rescued years ago, by a PTSD war hero who has died. Gabriel, Bull, Cazador, and Hawk, brothers by choice, if not by blood. The games that fly under publisher Devolver Digital's banner are often funny, sometimes silly, and always quirky. Frantic shooter Not A Hero revels in its messy, hedonistic chaos; Dropsy tells the tale of sad, social misfitting clown; and The Talos Principle is a wonderful game about philosophy and mind-boggling puzzles, to name but a few. The Humble Devolver Bundle has them all and more and….

    If Hotline Miami had come into being during a late night session in an British pub, it would probably have emerged into the light looking quite a lot like Not a Hero [official site]. Although its action is side-on rather than topdown, the content is similar — surrealist sprees of violence involving an odd crew of protagonists and countless stereotypical gangland denizens. It's from the….

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    Bad news, to my fellow PC Brethren who've had their eyes and hearts clocked to May 7th as the release date for Not A Hero [official website], that side-on shooter from the dudes behind OlliOlli. You're going to have to wait exactly seven additional days before you see that baby, which granted isn't much of a wait. Just think of all the things you can…. The release of a demo for Not A Hero [official site] is wrapped up in a marketing campaign with a load of guff about UK politics and Nigel Farage and immigrants and fake hackings but look, let's ignore all that.